Internet Of Things

IoT – what is it?

IoT or Internet of Things, two terms that mean the same thing. IoT connects objects, such as devices or machines together and finally to Internet services.

  • Data in the objects can be monitored, collected, analyzed and stored in Internet, e.g. through cloud services.
  • The remote objects can be controlled by using mobile applications, web applications or both.

IoT uses low cost and low power technology and components that are proven functional, so it has no risk of implementation failure. Systems can be created for different environments, such as around industrial devices, or they can be utilised in health care.

Lewel Group has expertise to design the best IoT-solution for your needs!

Lewel Group’s IoT expertise areas

We have wide expertise in the field of IoT. Contact us and we will tell you more about our IoT know-how.

Low Power nodes with smart sensor technology

  • Low-power consumption technologies and methods/optimization
  • Knowledge of industrial measurement methods and sensor technologies
  • Node-specific data processing
  • Smart authentication methods

Wireless sensor networks

  • Wireless technologies
  • Small-cell networks
  • MESH-networks
  • Automatic authentication and encryption

Integration to existing backend systems and creation of new monitoring and control system

  • User specific cloud service solutions
  • Automatic authentication and encryption

Applications for end users

  • Data analyzing with specific algorithms
  • User-specific applications
  • User interfaces
  • Results smart visualization and data sharing


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