Internet Of Things

Examples of use cases

Below you can see application areas that we are focused on.

1. Smart Maintenance

  • Device or machine status and condition, real-time monitoring and alarms
    • Preventive maintenance and maintenance scheduling
    • Early warnings; failure prediction
    • Utilization rate
    • Wearing of machines and detecting symptoms of wear-out early
    • Monitoring of the use; failures caused by wrong use
    • emperature, vibration and shock monitoring
  • Environment and quality monitoring
    • Measurements of temperature, humidity pressure and dew point – predictability of aging and corrosion and need of maintenance

2. Smart Metering

  • Safe working conditions; monitoring and alarms
    • Noise level, heat or cold, brightness and air quality
    • Safety at work, monitoring and improvement
  • Energy consumption metering, monitoring and management.
  • Metering and monitoring of water, oil and gas levels and flow
  • Monitoring use of device or system
  • Real-time working processes, monitoring and guidance
    • Working process and work quality improvements

3. Smart Control

  • M2M Applications; machine auto-diagnostics
  • Asset control
  • Positioning; GPS and Indoor Location
    • Monitoring the location of devices
  • Process Monitoring and Control
    • Temperature, pressure, radiation
    • Gases and other substances
    • Ozone levels
    • Movements

4. Smart Building Automation

  • Energy and Water Usage
    • Energy and water consumption
    • Guidance for smart use of resources
  • Remote Control Systems
    • Switching lighting and heating on and off remotely to save energy
  • Access Control and Intrusion Detection Systems
    • Detection of windows and doors openings and violations
  • Monitoring of conditions inside buildings, warehouses and transport containers


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