PRESS RELEASE: IoT-concept SeeMORE for industrial clients is being published in the Subcontracting Fair

September 12.2014

The interest towards Internet of Things solutions rises at an accelerating pace. The additional value provided with developing technology has to be utilized in the industrial solutions as soon as possible, preferably now. In the Subcontracting Fair in Tampere, Lewel Group is presenting first time in public its SeeMORE – IoT concept, where technology solutions are selected especially regarding the applications in the industry.

IoT is not a game of chance

In the company’s exhibition area the sensor technology is demonstrated with a game of dice, where an integrated sensor in the dice recognizes its movements, transfers the information into a mobile application and furthermore, to the cloud. An assumable light system is exactly what it seems like – light. This is where the most central idea of the Internet of Things resides – easy, affordable and reliable mini-sized technology can be utilized in targets, where it was not even possible before. High power consumption, data transfer discontinuities, expensive components have all set restrictions for the use of the technology. They will not anymore. Today IoT is no longer a game of chance – but its object of use can be.

Main attention in the user

Because the technology of the Internet of Things already exists, it does not have to be invented anymore. The besetting sin of Finnish engineering work, product development on the terms of technology, can be forgotten. Development of IoT-solutions starts from the needs of the user, and in this, the Lewel Group experts have a key role. They research the pain spots of the industrial production process together with the client and determine the right solutions for acceleration of production, improvement of quality and environmental friendliness. Increasing of operational reliability and enhancing of occupational safety are also objectives, which can be achieved by the means provided by the Internet of Things. In the hub of IoT stands eventually always a person.

Welcome to Lewel Group’s exhibition area A320 to throw the IoT-dice and to see more of the possibilities of Internet of Things.

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