Wireless solutions for various needs

Strong expertise in wireless communication

Wireless communication is a constantly developing and growing sector, enabling manufacturers to set a higher standard for functionality and mobility and to improve the usability of equipment. With wireless solutions, it is easy to find new user groups for products and to significantly expand the potential customer-base.

In the development of wireless products, our strength lies in the design of system-level solutions, electronics, applications and mechanical solutions, but also in our strong expertise in project work. We are agile and able to utilise our expertise in various sectors and to implement wireless solutions for practically any field.

Examples of the type of comprehensive wireless solutions we provide to our customers:

  • Wireless concepts between products and systems and their implementation alternatives
  • Data communications services and services related to network products, such as terminals and network elements
  • Design of embedded software
  • Reliable wireless systems for the industry, such as wireless sensor networks for the infrastructure, industrial systems and network systems of the health and well-being sector
  • Consumer products and portable terminal devices which utilise wireless communication: mobile phones, modems, tablets and heart rate monitors
  • Various types of FEM and thermal analyses and product simulations
  • Challenging RF and antenna design projects

Lewel provides its partners with comprehensive services

Our specialist knowledge in wireless products provides you with versatile product development services from design to completed product and even launching the product on the market. We can tailor our services according to your requirements: We can design an extensive product development package or focus on a more specific design, development or testing task. The outcome is always cost-efficient, and with our large network of partners, the product can be adapted to any geographical market.

Portable terminal devices

Mobile phones, portable terminals and computers, accessories and data modem products. Our range of services includes full-scale terminal device testing services:

  • RF parameter testing
  • Interoperability testing
  • Mechanical and environmental conditions testing

In addition, we have strong expertise in HW, RF, mechanical and EMC design and testing, as well as special mechanical services, such as thermal design and FEM simulation.

Network products

Many of the world’s leading data communications service providers use our data communications network products. The projects we have carried out for them have been comprehensive design and testing projects, including the following examples:

  • Design and technical specifications of base station units and modular systems
  • Development of RF technology for a receiver-transmitter, such as RF front-ends and other electronics for an RF module

Other network solution services offered by us:

  • FPGA and IC design of a base station
  • HW design and testing
  • RF design and testing
  • Mechanical design and testing
  • EMC design and testing

Wireless network systems

We implement cost-efficient wireless data communications solutions for the infrastructure, industrial systems, and network systems of the health and well-being sector.

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