Design engineering

Even if you have product development know-how of your own, sometimes it is more cost-efficient and easier to acquire the expertise from an expert partner.

You will have all of our expertise at your disposal, to use for a specific technological area, for the product development stage, for complementing your product portfolio, or to support your own product development capacity.

Examples of how we can help you

  • Designing a product or product component
  • Making and testing prototypes
  • Taking a product to manufacture
  • Design sectors: electronics, mechanics, software and project management

Top experts at your service

Because we operate in several customer segments and fields, our specialists master a wide range of different product development processes, practices and tools. For you, this means reliable and cost-efficient high-quality service, and security in the knowledge that you will always get what you ordered.

Some examples of the product development needs we have assisted our customers with:

Simulations and analyses

Electronic and mechanical simulations and analyses implemented at the product design stage are life insurance for your product. The more complicated the design of your product or software, the more carefully the design should be tested before prototype modelling. This allows risks and costs to be reduced and project schedules to be adhered to.

PCB services

We provide our customers with PCB development services, including design and consultation from materials study to testing at circuit board level. Complicated modern circuit boards are challenging not only in terms of component positioning and wiring, but also as far as other subareas that affect circuit board operation are concerned.

Wireless interfaces

Wireless interfaces are increasing at an exponential rate and will soon be a standard feature in every product. We offer you specialised, high-quality RF design services with modern testing methods. We are also experts in antenna design and matters related to the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of products.

User interfaces

We are at your service when you need design and testing services for the improvement of user interfaces, including displays, keyboards, cameras, sensors, audiovisual equipment, and software user interfaces.


Our mechanical design specialists perform product and project analyses, product concept design and 3D design for our customers. We are familiar with many design environments, such as CAD systems. Statistical methods based on quality planning and management, and accuracy analysis are particularly important when products intended for mass production include complicated installations and different types of components.

We also offer mechanical production support services, that is, support for the acquisition and manufacture of tools, production support, and plant and production line audits. We have the capacity and the personnel for extensive testing and verification services. We have experience in the mechanical components and production technologies of various types of equipment, such as wireless terminal devices, base stations, embedded equipment, industrial solutions, and health technology devices.


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