NPI (New product introduction)

Our NPI service package is at your disposal when you want to launch a new product. Our services help ensure that your product can move from product development to manufacture fluently and trouble-free. We provide you with cost-effective implementation and take your product to production. When needed, we use the services of our local and global partners. The implementation will be tailored according to your wishes as far as product quantity, price and production requirements are concerned.

The NPI service package is available from all Lewel product branches.

From an idea to a product

Our NPI services consist of many different elements. As an outcome, your product is cost-efficiently launched on the market. The services include productisation and supplier approvals, type approvals and product maintenance throughout its life cycle.

NPI: Product design

Product design takes into account the requirements of manufacture and production testing, and serviceability. The process is cost-efficient when the product itself and its manufacturing process are designed at the same time. All necessary identification and monitoring requirements are taken into account in the design. The suitability of the product for production is ensured by inspections (DfX), and updates are made after each prototype series.

NPI: Mechanics

In mechanical design, we utilise our vast experience in various types of subassemblies, their manufacturing techniques and surface treatment. The package includes the supply of manufacturing tools, such as moulds, test series and their testing, approval of parts and tools, and production quality assurance.

NPI: Ascertaining ROHS compatibility

We take care of component selection and simultaneous suppliers, product structures, collecting material data about components, supplier selections, prototype materials and their delivery. We ascertain the supply chain and transfer of materials management from product development to the plant.

NPI: Logistics

As part of the NPI service package, you will get plates, sales and transport packaging, manuals and testing that comply with the requirements. In addition, we provide support related to the commencement of production and deliveries, with which orders and deliveries are transferred to the final delivery chain.

NPI: Production

The manufacturing process is taken into consideration while the product is being developed. This ensures that the designed product can be manufactured. The degree of automation and the assembly sequence are also taken into account. The required interfaces and product software, and acceptance limits for production testing are part of the package. As part of quality assurance, we test the product in our own laboratory, if needed. We also take care of training related to product manufacturing, and process and testing approvals.

NPI: Quality assurance

So that you can be certain of the even quality of the product, we will take care of all quality documentation and determine its quality requirements for you. We verify the quality of the product with uniform tests performed on prototypes and production samples. We also carry out failure cause and materials analyses, and improve production quality and yield. We provide you with an impartial opinion on the quality of your product. This will help you to avoid mistakes that increase expenses.


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