Product maintenance services

This, like our other service products, meets several product development requirements. We ascertain the quality of a new or existing product, minimise the costs related to product manufacture or maintenance, and ascertain that the product life cycle continues.

We are at your service when you need extra cost-efficient resources to support your own product development, or your organisation lacks familiarity with this type of product development. Our experienced specialists, who have a broad knowledge of developing products for different areas of business, will cater to your needs.

Quality, cost savings and continuity

When you want to establish the quality of your product

  • We design a product or a component, manufacture and test the prototype, and take the product to manufacturing
  • We test the quality of the product by taking samples from production
  • We determine and rectify quality problems with your existing product and its manufacture

When you want to reduce costs

  • We design your existing product with less expensive techniques, materials or production methods
  • We alter the design of your product to reduce material and production costs
  • We examine the product structure, operation, manufacturing methods and delivery chains of your product
  • We check maintenance statistics and feedback from customer service, and structure the parts list

When you want to extend the product life cycle

  • We test your product and make the required changes to comply with new directions of the authorities
  • We replace outdated components
  • We carry out software updates


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