Product testing

The careful testing of a product is an essential part of the product development process. It improves product quality and ensures that the product to be developed meets requirements. We offer you an all-inclusive testing package – professionally and cost-efficiently.

Quality assurance in the testing phase ensures that the product will work impeccably in normal operating conditions and reduces the total cost of product development when corrective measures are not required at later stages. Fault analyses, on the other hand, explain fault creation mechanisms and help to direct corrective measures to the right place.

Why are testing services required?

By testing, product quality already is ascertained during product development, before type testing. When product performance can be ascertained at such an early stage, the total costs of product development are reduced.

Product fault analyses are performed, especially during the early stages of product development, but also on products that are already on the market, such as when a notice of defect is filed. A fault analysis provides important information on how to improve a product so that its overall quality and functionality can reach the required standard. This results in a better product and, along with that, better customer satisfaction.

Testing helps reduce total costs

We offer testing both at a fixed or hourly rate, depending on our customers’ requirements. Our repertoire of testing services includes the following:

  • Mechanical tests
  • Environmental and conditions tests
  • Reliability and usability tests
  • Electrical testing of electronics
  • Audiovisual testing of equipment
  • Radio interface tests
  • Fault analyses

We perform extensive testing of different types of products to comply with the standards required for a CE marking and FCC certification. In addition, we carry out testing according to IEC standards, and non-standardised product development measurements.

Whatever your requirement, please contact us, so we can plan a testing package that best suits your needs.


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