Technology studies and concepts

When you want to launch a new product, but you do not know how to implement the product, Lewel Group can assist you. We can help you find both the technological solution and the best concept. The process relies on careful planning, with which we make sure that the product is as cost-efficient as possible and the outcome meets your requirements. Our services include:

  • Product definition and concept design
  • Product creation
  • Finding the right technological solution
  • Technological risks
  • A preliminary estimate of the material costs

A precise plan is the basis for product development

This product development stage requires particularly strong expertise, an extensive supplier and partner network, and experience in industrial solutions. Therefore, it makes a difference who you partner with. Our solid expertise makes us a safe and cost-efficient partner who can implement all project stages in a professional manner.

When the preliminary plan and definition are made carefully, this can save you many a worry and unnecessary costs during the other stages of product development. Well-performed preliminary work ensures that your product will be a success when launched on the market.


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